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Extreme Duty S-CAM Bushing System

Increase S-CAM Bushing Life

Xtreme CAM converts your S-CAM into a long journal bearing. By distributing loads over a larger surface area, wear from vibration and torsional loads is greatly reduced. Xtreme CAM shafts utilize a machined surface over the entire length. The Xtreme CAM tube is sealed on both ends and includes both a grease zirc as well as a grease relief valve.

When the tube is filled with grease, the entire S-CAM shaft is converted to a sealed, greased journal bearing. This provides significantly more bearing surface than conventional split bushings which support the S-CAM on the ends only. Additional bearing surface reduces wear and extends the time between bushing replacement.

Xtreme CAM Better Performance Guarantee

Improve Brake Performance

Worn S-CAM bushings cost money and impair brake performance. Symptoms of worn bushings include uneven or premature brake wear. Most symptoms of worn bushings have a detrimental effect on brake performance: decreasing stopping power and causing linings to fail or wear prematurely. Xtreme CAM extends the life of S-CAM bushings, maintaining proper brake performance, and saving you money.

Protect S-CAMs from Damage

Xtreme CAM protects S-CAMs from road damage and corrosion by using a sealed protective tube. Grease fittings and channels allow the tube to fill with grease without overcharging or hydro-locking. Xtreme CAM protects S-CAMs from extreme road conditions.

Simplify Your Parts Room!

XTREME CAM Kit Heavy Duty S-CAM Bushing System Specifications

Xtreme CAM S-CAM Specifications
Xtreme CAM full parts
  • Application: Trailer CAMs (Rockwell, Fruehauf, Hendrickson, and most others)
  • Size: 9"- 30" (snap ring to head dimension)
  • CAM Heads Supported: Type 1, 2, 11 (Q+)
  • Splines: 28 spline only (all 10 and 37 spline will be supplied as 28 spline)
  • CAM Diameter: 1.5" continuous
  • Opening on Spider: 17/8", 2" (21/8" Hendrickson)


There are TWO convenient ways to find your XTREME CAM Part Number:

EITHER (1) Enter your S-CAM Number for Cross Reference
OR (2) Use the Part Number Generator

1. XTREME CAM Number Cross Reference
Use the Number Cross Reference if you already know the part number for your S-CAMs.
Supported Manufacturers: Euclid, Meritor, Dayton-Batco, Sirco, Leland, BWP, Midland, Spicer, OEM, Herculese, Traction
NOTE: All CAMs will be converted to 28 spline.
Search S-CAM Number for any brand
Search Bushing Kit Number for any brand
Don't Know Your Bushing Kit Number?
S-CAM Bushing Kit

Bolt-on CAM Bushing Option
NOTE: For fabricated spiders which use bolt-on CAM bushings, you must order bolt-on option C-089.


2. XTREME CAM Part Number Generator
OR Look up your XTREME CAM Part Number by entering the measurements and information below
NOTE: All CAMs will be converted to 28 spline.
Head Type
NOTE: Replaces All 16 1/2" Dia., Q, Q+, and Extended Life Heads.
Spider Diameter 1.875" (1 7/8")
2.125" (2 1/8" - Hendrickson 11" only)
CAM Length (Whole Number)
Fractional Length
Spider Type Cast Spider
Fabricated Spider
Left / Right Left
S-CAM Bushing Kit


Download the XTREME CAM PDF Brochure Click To Find EBI Distributors


* Xtreme Cam Guarantee: 1. Try the XTREME CAM for one brake cycle and compare it with your existing S-CAM / Bushing system. 2. If the XTREME CAM System does not result in markedly improved wear performance on either the bushings or the S-CAM. The Xtreme CAM guarantee is based on benchmark comparisons with existing S-CAM bushing systems of comparable application and use. If, after a complete brake cycle evaluating Extreme CAM, the measured wear on either the bushings or the S-CAM is not measurably less than the wear experienced on the prior conventional S-CAM/Bushing system over a comparable duration of use in miles, fleet will be sent replacement bushing kits for the S-CAMs at no cost. EBI reserves the right to 3rd part verification of any claim made by the fleet. Guarantee is limited to a maximum of 16 replacement bushing kits per fleet.

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