Brake Alert
The Most Visual Brake Stroke & Lining Indicator on the Market. EBI’s all new Brake Alert system is the quickest and easiest way to identify brake adjustment and brake life.
Drum Caddy
Drum caddies were created to reduce the costly injuries associated with drum removal while making installation easier, quicker, and more convenient.
Extreme Brake maximizes lining to drum contact using non-tapered OEM linings mounted to stainless steel shoes, without rivets or bonding.
Xtreme CAM’s patented bushing system has over 10X more bearing surface than conventional S-CAM bushings.

Heavy Duty Truck Brake Systems For Today's Fleet

Full Express Brake

EBI (Express Brake International) markets and sells a wide variety of heavy duty fleet truck brakes, and truck brake systems. EBI was formed in 1996 and has offered innovative and trusted heavy truck brake parts to a wide array of commercial truck fleets. Click to learn more About EBI and the wide range of truck brakes,and innovate truck brake parts that we offer.


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New Standard for Heavy Duty Truck Brakes

EBI's newest innovative heavy duty truck brake system is the XTREME Brake which offers heavy duty construction and rivet-less brake shoes to increase cost savings for your fleet.

Easy Brake Drum Removal

To help heavy duty truck and commercial fleets easily and safely remove and handle brake drums, EBI has a patented Drum Caddy™ to end the looming cost and expenditure of hurt employees.

Visual Brake Lining and Brake Stroke Indication

The new standard in brake stroke and brake lining indication is here, Brake Alert™ allows mechanics and drivers to safely check their brakes.

Heavy Duty S-CAM Bushing System

Increase your bushing life with the Xtreme CAM extreme duty S-CAM bushing system, with added protection from road damage, corrosion and extreme road conditions.

Testaments to our dependability

EBI has collected many satisfied customers over the years. You can read our testimonials and learn why. EBI stands behind their word and is willing to guarantee that you're fleet will save money. Visit our EBI Guarantee to take our XTREME Brake Challenge. To view support information, videos, and manuals for all of our EBI products, please visit EBI's Video / Literature page.

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We have been running the Express Brake system for over a year now and the brakes have shown a great improvement in lining...

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